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EIC SME Instrument companies invited to pitch their innovations

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Empresas SME instrument invitadas a prsentar sus innovaciones

Empresas SME instrument invitadas a prsentar sus innovaciones

European Innovation Council (EIC) SME Instrument companies are invited to showcase their best ideas to a selected group of business representatives at P&G Brussels Innovation Center, home of the InQbet Accelerator. The event presents an ideal setting for smaller companies to interact with big business, encouraging collaboration and potential future partnerships.

Research and development can be cumbersome for a large business, but many creative ideas often come from smaller companies. Large corporations, which traditionally had extensive research and development operations, are now increasingly looking for innovative small and medium-sized companies to help them foster innovation and advancement of new products and services.

Efficient and agile smaller organisations have long proven themselves to be very adept at anticipating market trends, capitalising on new technologies, and using their lean structures to outpace larger companies. On the other hand, small companies are also limited by certain realities that can be better addressed by big corporations, for instance, when dealing with distribution, financing or marketing channels. Partnering with larger companies can prove to be strategically advantageous for businesses and ideas that are ready to go global.

A selected number of SME Instrument innovators will have the opportunity to pitch their business proposal to relevant stakeholders from:

Procter & Gamble

AB InBev






Apart from the pitching initiative, a networking session, during the event, will also create an informal occasion to meet and network with fellow SME Instrument companies and corporate representatives.

DATE: June 13 and 14


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