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Transform your business model to the opportunities of the circular economy

CSR Europe and R2n look for companies with a linear model and want to redesign their business model

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jueves, 12 de abril de 2018 a las 12:15

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Transformación negocio lineal a economía circular

Transformación modelo lineal a economía circular

CSR Europe and the R2π project seek companies that currently have a "linear" business model, but wish to work with them to redesign their systems following the principles of the circular economy (from the "take, manufacture and waste" processes to "Reduce, reuse" and recycle ").

By collaborating with circular economy experts, value chain partners and internal stakeholders, the selected companies will be able to accelerate their transition to the circular economy and unlock new business opportunities. CSR Europe invites all its members to present their request to have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of the members of the R2π Consortium to carry out this process of innovation of the business model. Benefits for the participating company:

Innovate your business model with the help of experienced business analysts and circular economy researchers Identify new opportunities and engage key internal and external partners through a customized "co-creation workshop" facilitated by members of the Consortium Get a profile and communicate your commitment to the circular economy through the media dissemination tools of the R2Pi project

About the R2Pi project Project financed by the European Commission to accelerate the widespread implementation of a circular economy based on successful business models and effective policies The mission of the project is to develop sustainable business models and guidelines that facilitate the circular economy, and propose recommendations for policies for EU and EU policy makers to support the transition.

If you wish, you can register until July 1 to Green Alley Award is the European award for new companies and entrepreneurs in the circular economy.


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