Juan Pablo Torregrosa will present the MAESTRALE project at FOCUS Baix Vinalopó

The European initiative seeks to promote Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.

MAESTRALE Project - CEEI Valencia

MAESTRALE Project - CEEI Valencia

Publicado el martes, 24 de abril de 2018 a las 10:30

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Juan Pablo Torregrosa

The potential of the Mediterranean Sea in the development and creation of marine energies is still to be exploited. For this reason, more than a year ago the Maestrale project emerged. This proposal seeks, through different researches, the optimization of marine renewable energies. Considering the great importance of the project at the European level, the Focus Pyme Baix Vinalopó will count with the participation of one of its members, Juan Pablo Torregrosa. On behalf of Maestrale, he will explain the bases in which the project relies as well as the areas they are currently working on.

Maestrale, an initiative immersed in the Interreg MED 2014-2020 project and supported by European funds, has linked different countries of the Mediterranean Arc. Through research, it aims to generate an exchange of opinions among legislators, businessmen and citizens that lead to effective initiatives to promote Blue Growth.

Juan Pablo Torregrosa, is the responsible of international projects at CEEI Valencia and currently directs and participates in several projects besides the MAESTRALE initiative, such as the Enterprise Europe Network and the SCALE UP. Both of them of the European Commission as well as BIOVAL, a biotechnology cluster of the Valencian Community.

Blue Growth continues to climb positions in the development of the economy and the environment that surrounds us. Learn about the latest advances on this strategy of sustainable growth at the Focus Pyme and Entrepreneurship Baix Vinalopó.

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