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Blue Growth: new business opportunities

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Juan Pablo Torregrosa presented the Project during the first Territorial Focus at Santa Pola

MAESTRALE Project - CEEI Valencia

MAESTRALE Project - CEEI Valencia

Publicado el viernes, 27 de abril de 2018 a las 09:45

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Juan Pablo Torregrosa

Juan Pablo Torregrosa

Last Thursday April 26th, Juan Pablo Torregrosa, European projects responsible from CEEI Valencia presented the Maestrale Project at the Baix Vinalopo “Focus Pyme y Emprendimiento”.

The event was celebrated at Santa Pola, been the first territorial Focus celebrated this 2018, and having as main topic “The blue Growth”.

During this event, Juan Pablo Torregrosa participated at the round table regarding “Blue Growth in Europe”, at which they talked about long run support strategies for a sustainable growth of marine and maritime sectors, which recognizes the importance of the sea and ocean as the engines of European economy due to its potential of innovation and growth; in particular, mentioning the importance of the Maestrale Project.

Juan Pablo Torregroda explained how it is formed the structure of the Maestrale Project. This one is divided in a first side of study in which it is analyzed the regulatory framework affecting the implementationof Blue Energy dispositives in each region, at a national and european level. Identifying good practices and success cases already implemented at the Mediterranean as well as others at the European level, or the rest of the world, making an emphasis on the tecnology and the marine resource used (tides, currents, algea, wind, etc.) Meanwhile, a potential analysis is made anout each region for installing these tecnologies, at the level of quantity and recurrence of the marine resources as well as the fit of existente technologies. This phase concludes with the creation of an online GEODATABASE in order to achieve that any company, entity or general public interested could be able to access and consult freely the obtained results.

The following phase of the project, consists on the creation of regional labs, with the implications of the main stakeholders following the quadruple propeller dagram of innovation (research centres, public administration, social entities, enterprises,etc.) These labs will analyze the results and data obtained on the previos phase of the research, and will design and develop 2 business and tecnical viability plans, for the implementation of 2 possible dispositives and technologies for the improvement of the use of marine resources with the biggest potential in each region.

This innovative project started back in 2016, and has the goal of optimizing marine energies at the Mediterranean, including a variety of initiatives to implement in different countries, in which is expected quite reliable results that could offer sustainable alternatives, as well as new business models and entrepreneurship opportunities.

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