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I am glad to announce the launch of MAESTRALE, a project aimed at prompting initia- tives to exploit renewable energy in marine environment, the so called Blue Energy Sources (BES), that still are at the early stage in the Mediterranean area.

This is a big chal- lenge because blue growth has to be carefully planned, especially in Mediterranean re- gions, taking into account a number of variables and constrains including legal, envi- ronmental and landscape issues, often different from place to place.

MAESTRALE has been properly structured in order to face these problems and finally trigger a process of spread deployment of BES starting from a participating design process.

Blue Energy Labs have been conceived at both transnational and local level in order to raise awareness and engage all the possible actors in concrete actions.

MAESTRALE is the Italian name for the NW wind in the Mediterranean. We have chosen this symbolic title aware of the aphorism by Seneca: “there is no favourable wind for the sailor that does not know where to go”.

Our project aims at providing the compass for a sustainable and inclusive development of Blue Energies.

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