Open Ecosystems for Innovation

Open Ecosystems for Innovation

The EBN Congress is the annual gathering of EU|BICs

Comienzo: el miércoles, 05 de julio de 2017 a las 08:00
Finaliza: el viernes, 07 de julio de 2017 a las 18:00


Centre des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains

12-16 Rue de la Libération

Enghien-les-bains, France


#EBNCongress is the annual gathering of EU|BICs and entrepreneurship support organisations from all over the world. This year Congress will highlight the importance of startups and corporates in the “Open Startups Exhibition”. As the network of quality-certified intermediaries - the EU|BICs - we want to involve startups in our events. They are great examples of the good work carried out by our members in supporting the creation of jobs and growth through innovation.

PROGRAMME: Open is the keyword of the Congress this year.

Thursday morning plenaries, Congress will focus in the four key areas of innovation support:

  • Scouting for innovation
  • Selecting the ideas most likely to succeed
  • Supporting them with the best services
  • Caling startups and entrepreneurs to international success.

Thursday afternoon we will move into an Open Afternoon:

You will meet with startups, corporates, but as well you will have the opportunity to learn more about inclusive entrepreneurship, with FIBIA project in partnership with JPMorgan Chase Foundation; learn how to make business between Brazilian and European companies, at the INCOBRA Info session, be trained on pitching in front of BICs with FET2rin workshop; you could learn all the secrets on IPR when scaling up, with IPR-HD China and IPR-HD SEA, we will not forget students at the [email protected] session; being a certified EU|BIC means belonging to an network of excellence and in the session “EU|BIC Label Re-energisation” discussions will be open to show how EBN does it; and much more. As you see there is a very interactive and dynamic afternoon, but above all. very open.

Friday, will conclude Congress with the presence of high-level speakers coming from corporates. As well as a session on the different ecosystems where the EU|BICs are developing their activities.

If this is not enough, peer to peer learning is as well in the menu of the Congress, with longer breaks, and more space for networking as we know that’s of key interest to our regular delegates. Retis members and EBN members together with policy makers and business analysts, investors and academics will, during those two days, gather in Enghien-les-Bains, to share best practices and start new businesses.

But we will not forget the 'leisure-time' at Congress. On Wednesday, there will be a speed-dating session, where everybody, upon registration, will meet to other participants, before going to the Welcome Cocktail. On Thursday, the local organiser is inviting us to discover a marvellous place in Oise region: Royaumont, where participants will be delighted with magnificent Cistercian Abbey built 1228 and 1235, the best preserved Cistercian Abbey in the Île-de-France region.

So don't wait, and take advantage of the early bird tickets, and register now for the EBN Congress

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