Congress Agenda

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viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

KnowInG Final Congress involves different activities: Design’s Event "System of Excellence", Final Conference and Multisectorial “Business 2 Business” Networking.


“System of Excellence” aims at showing, through the communication and information activities of KnowInG project, the presence at Mediterranean level of artists of craft which can join the Mediterranean traditions with the creativity and the technological innovation.

The event consists in the participation of enterprises of project partners’ region selected focused on interior design and fashion gift design, creative, innovative and artistic craft products (textile and goldsmith products, ceramic, fashion accessories, ect.).


During Conference will participate a Prestigious Speaker on the field of creativity and innovation; then there will be the presence of the Spanish National Authorities and EU Representatives, which will examine the themes concerning the new EU funding period 2014-2020.

Morning session will conclude with a panel discussion in which experts from KnowInG regions explain state of the art of innovation and creativity in KnowInG focuses.

After Lunch KnowInG partners will explain activities undertaken throughout the development of the project based on innovation and creativity in the MED economy

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