3rd Blue Energy Lab in Valencia

3rd Blue Energy Lab
MAESTRALE Project - CEEI Valencia

MAESTRALE Project - CEEI Valencia

Publicado el martes, 25 de junio de 2019 a las 12:12

The objetive of this event is to analyse the impact of Blue Energy in our society as a whole.

Blue Energy (both ocean energy and floating offshore wind) is key in addressing one of the EU’s biggest challenges; an energy transition to a flexible and interconnected system based on renewable resources. In fact, under favourable regulatory and economic conditions, Blue Energy could meet 10% of the European Union’s (EU) power demand by 2050.

The Blue Energy is one of the key isues of the “Blue Economy”, covering traditional sectors such as fisheries, extraction of oil and gas, maritime transport and coastal tourism, as well as new, fast-growing industries such as offshore wind, ocean energy and blue biotechnology. They all show great potential for further economic growth, employment creation and innovation.

In this 3rd BEL we will discuss about the consequences of the Blue Energy development and the synergies with other sectors, as logistics, tourism, fishing, recreational uses, or environment.

The 3rd Regional Bel is structured in 2 round tables with important participants. The main issues covered will be the Impact of Blue Energy on Society, and the European reference projects on Blue Energy.

The key speakers will include the Port of Valencia, Public Entities, Companies, universities and research centres and training organisations. All they will contribute with their last developments in the field.


12:00 Reception and accreditation

12:15 Opening session: Presentation of Project Maestrale

12:30 Round table. Impact on society of the Blue Energy.

  • Logístics - Valencia Port
  • Fishing - GALP la Safor / Local Action Group in Fisheries Safor Area
  • Recreational uses, Asociación nacional de empresas Naúticas / Nautical Industry Association)
  • Environment - Oceansnell

13:15 Round table. European reference projects in the Blue Energy framework.

  • Proyecto Shield – Ángel Guillemes, R+D Departmemnt, I-Box Create S.L
  • Other projects to be confirmed

14:00 Closing act – Networking

DATE AND PLACE: Tuesday, July 2, 12.00 am at Las Naves (C/Joan Verdeguer, 16)

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