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World Health Day: Call for Proposals Startup Europe against COVID-19

Fundación Finnova

Hasta el domingo, 26 de abril de 2020 a las 12:00

Fundación Finnova

Fundación Finnova

Publicado el miércoles, 08 de abril de 2020 a las 10:48

The European Foundation for Financing for Innovation (FINNOVA) has launched the call for entities with disruptive ingenuities in the prevention, fight against viruses and recovery of COVID-19.

The winners will participate in EU calls, opting for up to 2.5 million euros of subsidy and; 15 million euros of capital investment by the European Commission.

Finnova, official partner of the European Commission, calls to participate in the European Pan Hackathon EUvsVirus from April 24 to 26.

On the occasion of World Health Day and in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Finnova Foundation launches the COVID19 Startup Europe Awards to support innovations in the prevention, fight against disease and recovery from COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria such as SARS, ECOLI, LEGIONELA, MALARIA, DENGUE, and other future viruses, which, as a consequence of climate change, are a risk to human health. COVID-19 Startup Europe Awards The 2020 call is aimed at innovative ideas from startups, universities and companies in all categories and that are focused on the fight against the virus. The Finnova Foundation, through the Startup Europe Awards Accelerator, will mentor the winners regarding European grants, calls, European legislation, networking and internationalization in the health, water, agri-food and environmental verticals. The winners will participate in calls from the European Union, opting for up to 2.5 million euros of subsidy and 15 million euros of capital investment by the EU. This 2020 the efforts of Startups Europe Awards and the Finnova Foundation will focus as a priority on seeking financing and innovations to fight against Covid-19, said Juan Manuel Revuelta, CEO of the Finnova Foundation.

Participation: Those interested in participating in the IV edition of the Startup Europe Awards to fight coronavirus or other bacteria can send us their proposals using the following form: http://covid19.finnova.eu


CONTACT: For any other query: [email protected] Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of the Finnova Foundation: 0032 475 97 4277
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