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Hax Accelerator Contest for Startups

Hasta el jueves, 01 de febrero de 2018

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Concurso Hax Accelerator

Concurso Hax Accelerator

You bring your ideas, a strong team, a prototype and passion. Successful applicants are doing something difficult for a well-defined market. We add seed money, tutoring, a shared office and lab space, specialized staff to help with design, sourcing, DFM and more. Immerse yourself in an intense community of hacker and entrepreneur startups with related hardware.

ADDRESSED TO: The HAX program takes teams with hardware prototypes and converts them into functional and sustainable companies. We recruited 15 teams of 2-5 entrepreneurs who have a concept or an initial prototype for a high growth startup.

PROGRAM: -Technology of urban air transport vehicles. -Air sensors and collision detection and prevention devices.

-Airport systems for the detection of runways.

-Security of emergency and infrastructures of aerial vehicles.

-Technology of autonomous aerial vehicles.

-Air traffic management systems, decision making and support in aerial maneuvers.

-Systems of detection and prevention of collisions.

- Packaging and battery management systems.

DATE: The deadline for the HAX application is February 1, 2018.

PLACE: At the Hax facilities in Shenzhen, China.


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