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MATCHER | Green Deal edition 2021


The call for startups is open

Hasta el martes, 30 de noviembre de 2021 a las 23:59

MATCHER is the International Open Innovation programme based in the Emilia-Romagna region that aims to help local companies address specific business challenges by creating strategic matches with other actors of the international innovation ecosystem, in particular start-ups and scale-ups.


To enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in line with the ambitions of the European Green Pact. The objective of the Programme is to select startups and scaleups that can collaborate with one or more ER Corporates to improve their core business by decreasing their climate impact, jointly create a solution that strengthens more sustainable businesses and potentially create new businesses for the future with a focus on green footprint. The joint work between the participant and ER Corporate can therefore be an application of the former's solution to the latter's business, or a co-creation of a new tailor-made solution.


Italian and foreign startups and scaleups that have developed solutions capable of responding to the needs and challenges highlighted.


  • Access to corporations.
  • Opportunity to expand the network.
  • Internationalisation.


The call for applications will be open until 30 November 2021.


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